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If this is the first entry that you see, and one of very few, then that means you are not on my Friends List (or not logged in). Most people have shiny graphics declaring their journals being all exclusive like, but well, I'm not particularly talented with the graphics side of things. I write, and thus, you're getting my words.

For the first time in my history of being a part of LiveJournal, I've chosen to make my primary journal private for the simple fact that it gives me a little more freedom and control over certain things. The major aim of this journal is dedicated to writing, both as it is wrapped in my life and my journey with it, but also various projects as they emerge. My public journal is ayrki and while I'm not as frequent with the posting there, does not require befriending in order to read the posts.

If you would like to be subjected to either my fiction as it is released, or the rambles related to writing (and occasionally works in progress), then post a comment here, requesting which particular filter you would prefer. If you are interested in my non-fiction ramblings and occasional observation on life, the world, and my city, then you are welcome to request that. If you know me, or would like to, and are curious regarding the entries that have not been written as an essay or story, then let me know. I do warn you, of course, you could be subjected to my rants regarding customers, complaints when I have headdesk moments, and the occasional very profane post. Though, evidently, I'm supposedly amusing when I get to swearing and ranting.

To reiterate, if you would like to be added, then post a comment and name the preferred filter:
Just the Fic: the finished and polished product as appears in archives, on lists, and sites
Writer!flail: the rambles, the excerpts, the muse rants, and deliberation of all things fiction related
Tales from the Front: -Non-fictional based writings, rambles, occasional rants, and observations
Life: -the things that aren't directly related to writing (though do affect it)

I will also make a couple of things clear here: I write. I write original fiction and I write fanfiction. These are not differentiated upon in the writing filters, so if you are not interested in the fanfic, think seriously before asking me to friend you, because it does make up a large portion of what I write at the moment/historically.

The other thing you should know if you've found your way here is that I write with a mostly femslash focus. Not all of my projects include homosexual relationships, but it's generally a very safe bet, they'll pop up frequently. If the notion of love or relationships regardless of gender offends you, then you really have got the wrong writer. I am not a romance writer, not by any means, but my secret agents, detectives, warriors, rogues, and ordinary people, they might be a little gay.

So, if you have an issue with either fanfiction or homosexuality represented in written arts, yeah, I'm not your girl. It may not be the primary focus in every project, but I will not hide that both are going to appear. And frequently.

Also, if you are included in under the Life/Tales from the Front filter, then you are also going to see the writing related posts. If your are not interested in the fiction or my discussing my craft, then you have the wrong journal and head over to ayrki as this journal deals heavily with my writing.

Now, if you are already on my friend's list, then you have the option of saving yourself the torture of reading my ramblings and being set onto a different filter (ie, if you only want the fic/writing). I also have one other filter that I'll let you guys request being put under: the Unabridged Version: No filters, no limits; the full score with in all my uncensored glory. If you're on my FL already, then you know the entries I'm referring to and if you would prefer to not have the TMI ones, let me know.

At the moment, all pre-existing friends are under Life/Unabridged; just let me know which you prefer.

Thank you,
Tristian Makhai

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For the most part, I do not recommend stuff on my journal. Personally, sure, I will rave about whatever I'm currently reading and beat you about the head with encouragement and enthusiasm until you read it yourself.

But this time, I'm posting a link to a piece that I think does need to be passed on and read.

Title: What Matthew Left Behind (1/1)
Author: Chelle Storey-Daniel
Pairing: Erica's POV, Callie/Erica implied
Rating: R

What Matthew Left Behind


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